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Neldy Jolo
I have nothing to post recently. I decided to post something that could remind me to remember the route to explore Borneo of Brunie, Borneo of Malaysia and Borneo of Indonesia. After our wanders to explore Borneo of Malaysia, specifically North Borneo of now known as Sabah,we separated our ways. North Borneo still in a leased but sanctioned by UN as part of Malaysia state started in 1963. It was Sultanate of Sulu who leased North Borneo represented by Sulu Sultan Jamalul Ahlam to Baron Overbeck and Alfred Dent Company in 1878.

Bus Express from Miri - Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

Vicinity of Kampunbg Ayer, Brunie Darussalam

Cat Monument to commemorate Kuching as City on 1 August 1988

Another Cat Monument

Sarawak State Assembly Hall (Dewan Undangan Negeri) along Rejang River, the largest river in Malaysia
I headed to Kota Kinabalu at night from Lahad Datu at around 9pm, they extended their stays at Lahad Datu and then proceded to Sandakan. We visited Kunak, a small town and a symbol of of still ancient town. I arrived Kota Kinabalu early morning then headed to Menumbok, the best way to reach Labuan by speed boat that cost 15RM. To enter Brunie only coast 35Rm around 1 hour in 45 munites. From the Muara Ferry Terminal reaching Bandar Seri Begawan about 45minutes by taking Shuttle bas that cost 2 Ringgit Brunie or 7RM.
This was my second visit to Brunie and I was overwhelmed by the magnificient beauty of the Sultan Omar Shaifuddin Mosque located at the heart of Bandar Seri Begawan, adjacent to the knwn water village called Kampung Ayer. Kampung Ayer is similar to the ancient Jolo town, that was historically known as Suba' Bawang and was being called Madi Mahat (Maddy Mahat) the traveller's great place during that time, around 11th century.
I proceded to Miri the day after paying 18 Ringgit Brunie. These routes are the best way to explore whole Borneo. Looking at its forested side help people to protect the beautiful enviroment. The way to reach Kuching, Sarawak, Miri is the starting point, it is only cost 80RM. Before reaching Kuching by bas, it will take the way to reach Bintulu, Sibu.
To pontianak from Kuching will cost around 65RM, unfortunately I was not able to visit. It is only from 6-8 hours travel. The only place near to Indonesia I got visited was Serikin, the haven of cheap products that are sold by Indonesians, Serikin is the boundary between Sarawak, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Kuching as fondly called Cat City by the locals and foreign tourists and travellers made the government to erect the Cat Monument around the city. Kuching was derived from the Malay word Kucing or Cat but having its name, perhaps it was mistaken to be Cochin or "Port" in ancient Indian name.
There is also a theory by naming it from the Mata Kucing or Cat Eye's Fruit. There are many affordable inns and hotels around greenhills street for backpackers. Not to forget the Kek Lapis or the Lapis Cake.
Hope to give more stories soon. Have to look at some notes to put details. In the evening of Feb 8, I took Air Asia flight in a cheap cost. Thank you to Abang Samad for the guidance. Talk to you later. Yaz, you should try to look for time to explore Borneo soon. Have to thank you for your effort in booking the ticket. Hope to have you on travel soon.
Photos: Neldy Jolo

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