Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Neldy Jolo
It is very common for human to wander to any handsome place that satisfy their fancy and happiness in life. I am one of them – a human too. I like to do urban adventure – considers Zamboanga City as one. The lights in the City Hall are overwhelming.


Zamboanga City is a common melting pot of different people from different islands of the Sulu Archipelago and the Peninsula as well as from countries of the 7 continents of the world. The city was known as the “City of Flowers” from the Tausug word Jambangan but it is now known the “Asia’s Latin City” that famously brought into being due to the broken Spanish dialect – the Chavacano aside from widely spoken ancient Bahasa Sug.

The people belong to various faiths, ethnicities, nationalities, faces, ages and those coming from the diverse interest in life flock here to find common ground that is happiness and peace. One of these people is artists and philanthropies.
One of the hives here I like to hang my tedious mood is in the KAPE ZAMBO: Y BUSY BEE where many people like “busy bee” enjoying their moments. It is like I was throwing my boredom into the bin of satisfaction. It was in 2006 I first entered this hive.

I was invited by Rameeta (Rameer Tawasil), a genuine Tausug Painter – he was had his gig here. As have been nick as the “reunion and acoustic venue” many local performing acoustic artist having their gigs here.
The ambience was fascinating – adding that the owner is a painter, kind and generous – gorgeous lady of arts in her own craft of unique genre – Ms. Bambut F. Montano. I was warmly welcome, seems to have met her before. Rameeta said Kape Zambo is one of his favourite corners in town – a place where people are welcome treated like in their own house.

After about three years of not having visited this hive and it is now the 9th year of its existence– I am here again. This hive is common but unusual – it is the unusualness of what people are looking for.
The much vibes I missed here is now relieved, especially when I tasted one of their specialties, the Basilan Brewed Coffee – in an affordable price. Tausug coffee aficionado could visit here if they missed the scrumptious coffee in Jolo Island, Sulu. I still have to taste their Arroz Caldo and Ubud Fresh Lumpia.

The hive is found at Mayor Jaldon Street, Canelar (Fronting Metro Bank) and can be contacted at (062)-9924052/9227894 and email: kapezambo@yahoo.com for any catering services and deliveries, especially for pasalubong – the Fresh Homemade Peanuts, Cookies and the known Basilan Brewed Powder Coffee. It is open 7 days a week, every Monday to Sunday from 7:30pm-12am. Guests from different countries could go via Sabah, Malaysia and Manila, Philippines. Take flights direct from Manila to Zamboanga City and from Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia via ferry, sometimes flights.
Photo: Neldy Jolo.

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