Thursday, December 13, 2012


Neldy Jolo
I have wanted to visit Bali before it became known after the bombing. The month August just started and it as month of Ramadhan, the fasting month of the Muslim. I was fasting when departing boarding Air Asia flight. I was talking to me seat mate, an Indonesian who is working in Malaysia for seven years. More or less working in Malaysia is an experience of luxurious life for many Indonesians. I was respected for being departing from this country called Malaysia.

Temple in Bali. In this temple there is a river and a mountainous. I took on the way back to the city.
The time in Denpasar, Bali is one hour ahead of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The airplane landed at around 8:55 in the evening. Upon landing and I followed many passengers to go out from the aircraft.  Many get to look for hotels, backpackers’ inn, cars and spas reservations’ ads right on the arrival launch.
I was crowded by the money changers while passing by the corridor going out. Taxi calls welcome me from the taxi drivers. If I am not considering any fact that I am just a traveller here, I might get irritated for saying the phrases many times: “aku belum mau ngikut taksi”. This means “I am not yet wanted to ride taxi.” The taxi drivers stopped when I said so but still a polite brat is coming to ask me until I just ignored without words. I am so sorry for this.
It was late at night I waited for my friend near 24-Hour convenience store known K Circle. The restaurant near here is closed on the midnight, which I paid 140 thousand Rupiah consuming half Ayam Betutu (Chicken Spicy), Tea Hangat (Hot Tea), Kopi Itam (Black Coffe). I befriended the staff here and listening to the romantic Indonesia love songs.
A toy along the way  down to the temple. I took this closely.
They are indeed kind to everyone. I was looking for outlet to charge my gadget; I need to find the direction of going places to visit and stay. My boss is coming tomorrow, so I will be working while travelling.
I also befriended the floor cleaner of the airport, telling me many stories about Bali and suggested many places that I could possibly visit. He advised me for cheap food outside airport. I must thank him for being so kind to an unknown stranger coming from where, he has no idea. I didn’t introduce myself as he didn’t bother himself to ask me. He may be thinking that I am just from another island in Indonesia.
I love being here. I slept at this comfortable-airport-couch for free and enjoyed the serenade of whispering Bali. A passionate end of my sleep here ended with in an unexpressed joy felt and embraces my being! As much I want to write about Surabaya and Jogjakarta, I can’t. I need to put in details about my transit and specific experiences.
Do not forget:
1.      To not to take taxi if you are in a light travel instead takes ojek (motor) to enjoy.
2.      If you are with friends take metered-taxi.
3.      To pay as domestic or local traveller for any places to visit.
4.      To walk at Kartika Plaza and Legian Road. “Street” is called “Gang” here.
5.      To walk at Pantai Kuta and etc.

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