Friday, October 28, 2011


Neldy Jolo

Reminiscing the time when I was roaming to visit beautiful places in the north of Sulu Archipelago. I went to Baguio City on 11th November 2006 and posted in the blog on the 13th- the first blog I ever made – the y-i-lead-diwa. This was my first visit.  It is maybe hard for me to visit the place again. Read my short story about the Tam-Awan Village. Here I reposted for us:

I was enchanted with the artistry of Tam-Awan Village. Tam-Awan (Tandawan in Tausug – Bahasa Sug) Village can be located at north-western part of Baguio City - the summer capital of the Philippines. Ride taxi for easy access to reach the village. Found in there are the Igorot huts that challenged me to have my own in my province (country) - Sulu.

I was guided by someone visiting the village. She brought me to the village where I found an abode of peace that could relax my bad emotions for the long day of work in the office.

Trip to the village is just like making new home in my life. I happened to lodge into one of the huts - the Dukligan or fertility hut. Tam-Awan Village is the home for artists. I was rewarded with the panoramic view seen from the village. It was a wonderful experience.

The huts were brought from the different villages of Ifugao and reconstructed for preservation and lodging by not using nails and hardware. The simplicity of the huts is where its beauty found. If you happen to visit the village, you can consider yourself as one of the wonderful persons in the world.

The art works are exotic and beautiful. The work of one artist I really like is the painting, which you think is just a simple drawing of the rice terraces. If you are not keen you cannot discover what are being drawn and sketched inside the painting, it is actually a sleeping woman.

While enjoying the breeze of the wind, the artists are offering a portrait sketch as a souvenir but you have to donate some amount you want. Unfortunately, I did not able to ask them to sketch me. So sad baby!

Please visit it with yourself to discover one of the wonderful things in the Philippines that you cannot forget in your life. You won’t regret baby! Promise!

Don’t forget to bring thick jacket and hiking shoes and of course extra MONEY because the artistic thing might seduce you there. See you when you get there!

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