Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Neldy Jolo
Excitement awake me when Khalifah Suluk and Bendahara Suluk informed us there is a certain seminar about Sulu people, Sulug or Suluk; the Tausug in Tawau.
The seminar is entitled as “Seminar Memartabatkan Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Suluk”
Derivation of the name Tawau is not clear. This is one of the excitements that hit my senses. Datu Yusuf Bin Datu Ibrahim said that the time British arrived to Tawau; it has been called as such. Bendahara Suluk said it is from the Tidung word meaning a “place of meeting”.
There is also an idea that Tawau was derived from the Bugis tongue that could mean “that is mine”. But according to Khalifah Suluk, it was from the Arabic Character “Ta” and “Wau” that resembles Tawau.  From the Tausug word it is “Tau” and “Auh” or “Auh Tau” means “Oh People” – Tawau.
The travel took us around 4 and half hours from Sandakan. We travelled along Lahad Datu and Semporna upon reaching Tawau old town.
We roamed around the town of Tawau to look for Tawau Hotel that is said to be existed since 1980’s. I was enchanted with the beauty of the old building found in Tawau.  
We saw the importance of the solidarity among people here in Tawau. Sulu people lives here are united to move forward to put the honor of the Suluk in a right place.
I would tell many things later. The session is starting now. The sound of Kulintang is already serenading the hall. See you later!

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