Monday, June 7, 2010


Neldy Jolo

My flight to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei was at 1:10PM from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The flight was a bit late, from 1:10PM became 1:40PM – supposedly arrive to Brunei at 3:30PM – it arrived 3:48. I queued for immigration check. I was actually in transit passenger to Kota Kinabalu for the 4:50PM flight. I rushed to the check in counter.

Masjid Sultan Omar Saifuddin, Brunie Darussalam. Photo: Neldy
I was told “it’s already closed”. I asked to whom I could talk with. She directed me to ticketing office. I then talked to the assigned staff here with a big “breathing scene” because I was running through the stairs to arrive here. In my mind I shall be calling this staff as “Ms. Fa-Na”, Bruneian.
She asked me to wait. She was attending the customer. I waited for a few-more minutes. I was sad that she never solve my problem when I thought that she could when she said “please wait for a while, I will just finish this”.
She told me that “you are late; the counter will be closed 45 minutes before departure”. I replied, “it’s the aircraft not me, what can you do for this – does any alternatives that you can help me to solve this. No humanitarian considerations? I have no enough funds.”

Brunie Prince Symbol. Photo: Neldy
  “I can’t do anything, the least I can help you is to let you buy for new ticket and this is our system. Your ticket is forfeited, I wanted to help but I can’t” she stressed with kindness. She even spoke in Malay, more or less if I was not mistaken to understand, “so sad for him that he has no enough money”.
 I was expecting though, even their system is already like that, it doesn’t really mean they can never help people in times of crisis or problems – after all I was their passenger, the loyalty is for their airline only. All of my trips in Southeast Asia, Air Asia would my first choice. I just can’t understand why they cannot help – for that simple problem. The control is in them.
Near Bus terminal and Brunie Hotel, Banda Seri Begawan, BD. Photo: Neldy

In this episode of time that happened to my life in 5 June 2010, nobody could be blamed. I can’t blamed Air Asia, I can’t blamed the staff, I can’t blame time and most I can’t even blame God for this is the destiny of life – and it’s a fate that was already programmed by God to happen within this point in time! InshaAllah, tomorrow I would be taking ferry to Labuan, for I can no longer afford to buy another airfare for Kota Kinabalu. My firm belief is to Allah. I leave my life to him. He will protect me from every bit and beat of seconds, every minutes of instance and every hour of times.
Ya Allah forgive those people who hated people, who cheated people, who denied the rights of people as human. Praying that in Sulu this kind of incident could be solved. Human is human – should not be totally following the system which human controls – if human controls the system there should be immediate solutions. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin!

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